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The Cook’s Companion
May 3, 2008, 3:41 pm
Filed under: Food, Recipes, Reviews

If you only ever buy one book for the kitchen, you could do a lot worse than Stephanie Alexander’s The Cook’s Companion. The subtitle is ‘’the complete book of ingredients and recipes for the Australian kitchen’’ and she is not wrong (apart from the Australian bit as it seems to adapt to the NZ kitchen quite well).

It really is the ultimate kitchen bible with every basic recipe you would ever need, combined with an encyclopedic discussion of ingredients. I particularly love the ‘’this goes with…’’ description for each ingredient that helps you to experiment with different combinations of ingredients you might not have thought of otherwise.

I was lucky enough to hear Stephanie speaking last year and she said she wrote the book to help those who didn’t grow up in the kitchen with their mother at the stove. I’m really glad she did.

If you’d like to add it to your collection, just click the book cover to buy it from Amazon.